How to install full iPhone screen protector easily (video guide)

Have you ever tried to apply different screen protectors in the past and either dirts get between the iphone screen protector or bubbles appear from nowhere.

We would like to show you our way to easily apply your iphone 6 or iphone 7 screen protector without any experience and within easy 10 seteps

If this method doesn’t work for you, please do let us know and we would like to improve our product in the future.


Step 1

You will find the 2 set of iphone screen protectors and  tool bags kit. Now line up the screen protector with your iphone edge to edge.


Step 2

After iphone screen protector is lined up, you can use one of our tool kit- guide stickers and attach them as shown in the photo to each side and make sure is lined up.


Step 3

Once the screen protector is attached, open it and ready to clean the iphone screen.

Step 4

Clean the iPhone screen LCD with Wet Cloth which you can find in the tool kit

Step 5

Clean the iPhone screen LCD with Wet Cloth which you can find in the tool kit

Step 6

If there is any dirt, use the lint to remover sticker to clean the dirt and  remove any wet.

Step 7

Peel the protector film on the back of screen protector carefully.

Step 8

Carefuly lay the screen protector on the phone screen and push centre to aid in sealing the screen protector to the screen

Step 9

Once the screen protector is sealed firmly to the screen, peel the front protecotr film and guided stickers from around the edge.

Step 10

In case of air bubbles, cut the bubble remover solution open and fill in the side to remove the bubbles. After few minutes the bubbles should disappear.

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