iPhone 6 battery replacement guide

We would highly recommend that you should read this guide and understand the task at hand better before you start to replace the battery.
Before you begin, we would like to highlight caution throughout the battery replacement process.
1. The screen front is made out of glass and the LCD underneath it. If this part is not handled with care, the LCD or front glass will break or both resulting in a new screen been purchased..
2. Organize the screws when removing them! Almost all screws inside of the phone (not the bottom screws next to the charging port) are of different lengths. After the screws are removed, they need to go back into the same place they were removed from. Pay attention to this during reassembly. We have highlighted them with red cycles and always put them back same place.
3. The connectors connecting various parts (touch, LCD, battery and the home button on iPhone 6’s) to the logic board are fragile and can be damaged if they are not handled with care. Always disconnect and reconnect these connectors carefully and preferably with a plastic tool or your finger.
Keep in mind that much like other delicate electronic devices, complications can arise. If you are uncertain how to continue, message our support.
It’s also a good idea to make a backup before replacing the battery. If everything is done correctly, no data will be lost during or after the repair process, but to be on the safe side, making a backup is recommended.

iphone 6 battery replacement video guide

Disclaimer: We try to make this video as clear as possible but if some areas are not clear or you can’t see very well please go to other tutorials which are available on ifixit.com.

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